Sharing Shed: Your Community Hubs

Activating spaces for the Community.


We've assembled a core team to service our communities. But in order to deliver greater impact, we partner with various stakeholders and community members.

Our hubs in Meredith and Ballarat are unique. Each hub has something different to offer and we welcome visitors to come have a chat.

We also have our sister company in North Geelong, Runway, which has a fabulous space in Pivot City.

With Meredith being central to Geelong and Ballarat, we truly are able to service the catchment between Surfcoast and Goldfields.

Meredith Sharing Shed - Activated in 2020
Ballarat Sharing Shed - Activated in 2018 via Runway

There are plenty of opportunities to learn at one of our hubs. Whether you're a small to medium business, a sole trader, a micro business or a community member - everyone is welcome.