PopUp profile – ecokit

Ecokit was born out of a frustration with the status quo. It started in 2015 as an idea for a simple, compact structure that would be comfortable, well insulated and built out of non toxic materials. It was not a commercial venue at that point either, only a one off design for our founder, Camilla.

Imagine the snowcapped mountain tops of the Snowy Mountains in NSW, the peculiar countryside with its extreme weather and crispy alpine conditions. And it is here, near the famous Thredbo ski village, where the first ecokit in Australia has been built, rising from a brave idea and over a couple of years realising in a form of this innovative product – a prefabricated ecological house.

These buildings with a unique shape, a hybrid of a European style A-frame and a typical Australian barn, are built out of parts that fit together like lego bricks. After all, the simplest possible construction was a key task in the development of the house that Camilla offers in Australia, Europe and now also in the USA, under the name ecokit.

When you choose the design you like, it arrives directly to your building site in a container, neatly stacked on pallets. Following a well-documented manual, you can build a habitable unit with your own hands in a short time – with a little effort. The construction is fast, usually taking days instead of weeks or months as it is common for standard construction. Hiring a local builder is a possibility too!

The prototype home in Jindabyne, comprising of two units, was assembled within 3 weeks and was habitable in about two months.

Just like the Jindabyne units, every ecokit home is very energy efficient, with its airtight envelope and super thick layer of insulation. It can also be fully self-sufficient, with solar panels on the pitch-perfect roof and a battery for energy storage. It offers underfloor heating and a smart ventilation unit. It can be disassembled as easily as it can be folded, and all material can be recycled or reused.