Our People

Our team has one thing in common - that is we care about people.

We take the human approach to delivering our services by listening to what our communities want and need.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss new ideas or if you want to collaborate on projects.

Phone: (03) 5292 2239    Email: info@sharingshed.au


Linda Wong

What you are known for: Listening, big picture strategic thinking, problem solving, planning and facilitation.

Industries you have worked in: Not-for-Profit/Charities, Top-tier Consulting Firms, Health, Education, Insurance, Banking, Government, Telecommunications, Retail, Manufacturing.

What are you passionate about: People, Horses and Experiential Learning.

Qualifications: Honours BA in Mathematics in Business and Information Systems, Certificate IV in Equine Assisted Learning, currently completing PhD studies at Deakin University.


Chris Ardrey

What you are known for: Being hard working and pragmatic, finding solutions to problems and getting on with the job.

Industries you have worked in: Meat Processing, International Shipping and Forwarding, Internet Service Providers, eCommerce, Business Consulting, Manufacturing, Property Maintenance

What are you passionate about: Maintaining a life-work balance, having the time to enjoy life and family. Motorcycles.

Qualifications: Meat Inspector Certificate (NZMAF), Executive Certificate in Business (Monash University) and various sales/account management courses.


Clare Trengove

What you are known for:Those who know me best would say I am the person who always has a smile on her face and is always talking way too much, as well as being way too organised!

Industries you have worked in: Events, Medical & Community Services and Telecommunications.

What are you passionate about: I am most passionate about my family and friends; without them I would not be the person I am today. Professionally I am passionate about people being confident to follow their dreams and jump out of their comfort zones knowing they have a supportive workplace that allows them to do so.

Qualifications: Certificates II & III Business Administration,
Diploma of Management.

Rachel Profile_SS

Rachel Riggall

What you are known for: I am mostly known for my bright and warm personality. I am a people person who loves engaging and supporting others. I am very committed to anything I undertake including family, work and personal health. I’m also known for cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Industries you have worked in: I started my traineeship in an Accounting firm in 2011 which I gained a full-time position out of. In 2014 I chose to follow my passion in helping others and commenced working in the health sector at Ballarat Community Health. After devoting 9 years to BCH I am ready to start a new and exciting adventure to further my professional growth which has led me to the Sharing Shed.

What are you passionate about: I am passionate about life in general. My family is everything to me and I love making the most of the special times together. I strive to be the best version of myself and I enjoy new adventures. I am very driven when it comes to my career and I am always looking for growth and new exciting challenges. I am an extremely empathic person and I am passionate about helping and supporting others to make a difference.


Certificate III in Business Administration, Diploma of Counselling, currently studying Diploma of Human Resource Management.


Maiys Winduss

What you are known for: Getting things done with a smile on my face.

Industries you have worked in: IT, Construction.

What are you passionate about: I love new experiences, traveling and meeting new people. One of my favourite pastimes is cooking- I love sharing my food with others and make them happy with my food!

I like learning something new and having an adventure. I believe in empowering and helping others while focusing on self -development and self-improvement.

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU / APIIT).


Jessica Hobbs

What you are known for: People know me for my passion for the environment – in particular, my love of keep cups and sorting bins! I’m also a major music lover and prefer anything old school - LP’s, the postal service, typewriters.

Industries you have worked in:

Circular Economy: Environment and Sustainability. Music Industry. Events Industry.

What are you passionate about: I am very passionate about the environment and helping primary school students and their communities. My area of expertise is in events, and I want to equip schools with knowledge and resources to run events with as little waste as possible. I am a huge advocate for reusables and will always have a keep cup on hand. I love talking about all things recycling and bin related.


Bachelor of Business – Music Industry. Certificate IV in Small Business. Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.


Mark Valena

What you are known for: 1.An experienced executive and CEO 2. Calmness 3. Being able to communicate to and engage people no matter what role 4. Flexibility in thinking preferences (strategic , humanistic and rationale) 5. Facilitation and frameworks for strategy, culture, leadership.

Industries you have worked in: All areas of insurance (except life), auditing and consulting - as executive and as a director.

What are you passionate about: Creating work places that people want to be at.   Challenging myself and others. Anything to do with cycling.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business, Chartered Accountant.