PopUp profile – Moorabool River Beef

Moorabool River Beef is a family business operated by David and Joanna Nelson from their farm in Meredith, Victoria.

The property, “Windermere” was originally purchased by David’s parents in the 1960’s.  The farm was chosen because of its abundance of fresh water, its rolling hills, large stands of yellow gums and its many kilometres of frontage to the Moorabool River.

Farming, in particular breeding cattle has always been a passion of the Nelson family.  David’s grandfather milked cows and delivered the milk by horse and cart to Geelong for many years after the First World War.

David’s parents ran beef cattle at Windermere for almost 50 years.  Now, David and Joanna are excited to continue the family tradition and have diversified their farming practices by offering premium beef from cattle born and raised on the property.

Their farming practices aim to produce happy and healthy beef cattle raised in a natural, stress free environment.

They have a heard that consists of approximately 150 Angus cows which are joined each year to calve in autumn and spring. The best calves are selected and kept for processing, which are transported in their truck to a local abattoir.

The beef quarters are then brought back to the farm and hung in their purpose built meat processing facility which is licensed by PrimeSafe (License No. P01382).  The quarters are hung in the cool room for a minimum period of ten days to ensure tenderness.  The meat is then cut up in their facility and vacuum sealed which allows the meat to continue to age and tenderise in the packaging.  The packaged meat is then delivered to consumers in their refrigerated vehicle.









Beef boxes can be purchased via their website www.mooraboolriverbeef.com.au with free delivery to those customers within their delivery zone.