Unit 1 – “I have an idea”


Think of our activity-based learning unit as a great book! Each learning unit is split into three parts and each part consists of three chapters.

This learning unit contains the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 = Making sure that your idea solves a problem.
  • Chapter 2 = Making sure someone wants your idea
  • Chapter 3 = Refining that idea
  • Chapter 4 = How to collect data
  • Chapter 5 = Designing and executing a test
  • Chapter 6 = Analysing the data
  • Chapter 7 = Design your idea
  • Chapter 8 = Build your idea
  • Chapter 9 = Test your idea


  • Do you think you have this great idea for a business, but not sure if it’s worth pursuing?
  • This learning unit will help you explore what problem you are solving with your idea, who you are solving it for and what a first release of your solution might look like
  • Up to 7 hours of scheduled contact time will be provided to you via video chat
  • Live chat is available one day a week for quick questions
  • You will have “forever” access – we won’t cut you off