PopUp profile – ShortHive

ShortHive is a family business located in South West Victoria. A father, a mother, a daughter, a son and a daughter-in-law working together to produce, infuse, bottle, label, market and sell infused honey of the highest quality. Flavours include Salted, Espresso, Chilli, and the latest addition to the ShortHive stable – Cacao.
The Salted Honey resembles salted caramel, but with a rich honeyed undertone. The Espresso Honey is perfect for coffee lovers, allowing them to combine their favourite flavour with pancakes, muffins, raisin toast and waffles. The Chilli Honey brings fiery heat to balance the sweetness and sets alight savour dishes such as chicken wings or roasted vegetables. And the Cacao Honey … well, that’s about as close to chocolate perfection as you can get.